Capturing Candid Moments: Why They’re Important and How to Encourage Them

You may often find yourself striving for the perfect pose or the perfect smile during your photoshoot in St. John’s, Newfoundland. While these images can certainly be beautiful, there’s something magical about capturing a genuine candid moment on the stunning east coast. Not only do candid photos provide a more authentic representation of your personalities and relationship, but they can also evoke powerful emotions and memories.

Here are some reasons why candid photos are important, and how you can encourage them during your photoshoot in St. John’s.

  1. They capture genuine emotions and expressions
    Candid photos are so important because they capture genuine emotions and expressions. When people aren’t aware of the camera, they tend to be more relaxed and natural, resulting in photographs that truly showcase their personality.
  2. They tell a story
    Candid photos can often tell a story, and capture moments that might have gone unnoticed during your photoshoot in Newfoundland. Whether it’s a loving glance, a shared laugh, or a quiet moment of reflection on the rugged cliffs of the east coast trail, these photos can help you relive the experience and remember the emotions you felt at that time.
  3. They’re timeless
    Candid photos are timeless, meaning they won’t go out of style or feel dated years down the road. They capture real moments in time, and can be cherished for years to come, especially when taken against the backdrop of Newfoundland’s unique and picturesque coastal scenery.
So, how do you encourage candid moments during your photoshoots in St. John’s, Newfoundland?
  1. Encourage interaction with each other
    One of the best ways to capture candid moments is to encourage interaction with each other against the stunning coastal backdrop of St. John’s. I’ll ask you how you met, get you to tell each other jokes, or even dance together along the rocky shores of Cape Spear or Signal Hill. When you’re engaged with each other and your surroundings, you’re more likely to forget about the camera and act natural.
  2. Keep shooting even when the pose is over
    Another way I capture your candid moments is to keep shooting even when the pose is over. Often, the best moments happen when people think the camera isn’t rolling.
  3. Choose the right location
    Choosing the right location can also help encourage candid moments when exploring the stunning scenery of St. John’s. We can visit places like Topsail Beach, Worseley Park, or Cobbler’s Path where you can interact with each other naturally, walk around and dance, or even enjoy a picnic. When you’re in a comfortable and scenic environment, you’re more likely to act like yourself.

Capturing candid moments is not just about creating beautiful and authentic photographs in St. John’s and Newfoundland. It’s about telling a story and capturing emotions that cannot be posed or rehearsed against the stunning coastal and woodland backdrops of this unique and magical part of the world.

Ready to capture your own couples photoshoot on the East Coast of Canada? Let’s connect and make it happen! Send me a message to discuss booking your personalized session today!

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